About Us

We started Home with Zargar as a family project from an offshoot of Shygarshop.  We have been selling handmade jewelry and supplies since 2011 and wanted to expand our offerings without making Shygarshop feel cluttered and confusing.  Home with Zargar will be a mixture of home décor and clothing that was either handmade or designed by us.  Home with Zargar are Shy, Corey, Zach, and Gabe, all of us have an odd and eclectic view of art and design.  Shy is the primary designer for Shygarshop as well as Home with Zargar, she likes floral patterns, bright and natural colors, she loves nature and photography, and being from the Philippines she has a unique view of the world. Corey loves geometric and abstract art as well as classical forms of art, his view is based on years of reading historical and fantasy books. Zach is the oldest son, he loves music, art, theater, and design, he loves to do design in digital mediums. Gabe is the youngest son, he is a truly weird and creative artist and all of his designs will be inspired by his weirdness.